Couture? For Sure! (sachechante) wrote,
Couture? For Sure!

ask if you could borrow a dolla?

sittin here waiting for el and arr and ryan to get back from eating choco cake a friendhouse and call me, so i figured i'd update. How redic is it that the last time i posted i was sick, and now i'm sick again! fucking cold, sucks a lot. things have been blase lately, classes are eh (except for vis prob solv, we're starting an awsome box construction assignment now, so i'm content), went out last mon to happy val, craziness yet again! it was andre (booboo)'s bday, and kennykenny bought a nice big bottle, so that was redic, el and i ended up in a huge pile a of trash bags (literally) at like, 4am, hahaha very crazy night, amanda was there looking prob the best i've seen her since i've been in nyc. cazwell preformed too, which was fun :) lets see...i'm skipping out on opaline again bc i'm sick, no fun, but i really cant get sicker bc i have 3 5pg midterm papers due next week, i hafta get up earlyish tomorrow to finish the body paper before my appt at the writing center, uhg. tonight will prob just be movies and relaxing and a relatively early night, at least compared to last night, when we got back from sam's dorm at like, 3.30ish. uhg! it was great to see sam though, love her. Thinking about halloween costumes lately, as it is like, a week from monday...i'm thinking anna nicole, hahaha!! i want someone to go as shelly though, that would be awsome! who knows, i think i may go to motherfucker on halloween, havent really heard about anything else going on. We'll see i guess. I'm calling natalie roy right now, hold on...leaving a message. anyway...i'm gunna go run to zach's room (p.s. its his bday tomorrow! 18 woah there!!) and steal his airborne, byeee
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