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back to nyc [13 Jan 2006|02:09pm]
well! its been about 3 weeks, and i'm now comming back to the city, im about an hour into the trip, 3 more to go and they're showing 'war of the worlds' which is so scary, so i'm kinda not watching, like typing and listening to fannypack and glancing at the screen seeing like, bodies floating down a river, then soldiers and stuff, which is just making me nerv cuz its fri the 13th and the sky just randomly got so dark, ehhhhh....anyway, being home was great, puerto rico was gorgeous (as were the puerto rican men) we pretty much just slept a lot an laid on the beach and relaxed, it was great. i had about two weeks at home, which consisted of like, not changing out of my pj's and just sitting on the couch watching sex and the city and reruns of next, hahaha i literally got nothing done that i wanted to or said i would, essentially putting together many outfits to have for when i got back, i bought a hot pink onsie though, but i hafta alter it (gotta find a sewing machine) and aunt jeri bought be this faaabulous white malibu feather pin which i'm sure will get a ton of wear, so thats great (uhg! this movie is so upsetting! i hate these kinds of movies so much, just so unnessesary, uhg) so anyway, i'm psyched that i have about a week before classes start, gunna do a lot of rearranging of the room and cleaning and decorating, but you better believe i'm running out to opaline tonight, i've missed partying so so much! i went to such an intense preppy straight house party while i was home, friends of charlie dep's and i was so surprised that i got along well with all the hot straight boys, how fun! i dunno, pumped for this semester to start, gunna look into an internship and/or a job that would prob carry into the summer, we're talking about maybe staying with seth and sara (oh the aliens are taking people up from the water now, ahhh!) and staying in the city for the summer, but i wonder if there's gunna be anyone there (friendwise) to chill with, hmm, need to look into that. Also there's the talk about spring break, i think ell and aaron and co, we're all gunna go somewhere together, and el wants to go somewhere warm, which i sure aar will want too, but i got an email froms tudentuniverse talking about a round trip flight to amsterdam for 250, which i so wanna take advantage of, but i guess el's going to amsterdam over the summer, bleh, oh well, we'll see i guess. i'm trying to think what else is up, that happened in the past few weeks, nothing that i can really think of, hmm, well i'm hoenstly gunna try and update more, we'll see how well that goes, but i'll seriously try! i think i'm gunna watch satc now, try and stop paying attention this horrible movie! byeee
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goodmorning, chad [09 Jan 2006|01:43pm]
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adios [24 Dec 2005|09:35am]
adios amigos! estoy saliendo por puerto rico en trienta minutos! Tiene un buen semana y yo (will) revuelvo en seis dias con un bronceado falso y muy fabuloso! Haaastaa luego!!
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long overdue [22 Dec 2005|03:37pm]
helloooo all! i've been meaning to update for awhile now, i've just been so busy/preoccupied/lazy with nyc that i havent really had the opportunity/motivation to update this thing. At this very moment i'm on the limoliner in bumper to bumper traffic passing the trump towers next to central park leaving to go home for a month after finishing my first semester of college! It def was an interesting semester. classes were okay, i took visual problem solving (the teacher was a total whore and i hated her, but the actual artwork we were assigned was good, except the fact that the teacher didnt love my stuff bc i would always try and twist the assignment to fit what i wanted to make, oh well. I also took shape of the city, which was a first yr writing course, actually pretty interesting- all about the history of and living in a large metropolis, pretty cool and my papers were pretty good. I also had the body: aesthetics culture and politics, which was awsome, i really liked that and the teacher(s) were so fucking cool. So those were my classes, i think i did well in them, so i'm satisfied. I got acquainted with people very quickly, and they were great. Its gunna be weird going home for a month (i'm going to puerto rico with the fam for 6 days on sat though, so that'll be great, gunna fake tan like nobody's business so it looks like i got a lot of sun, yesss) i've been talking to ms. amanda quite a bit, but i've had to cancel our plans twice in a row this past week bc i've been tired/sick/busy so oh well, we'll chill when i get back.
Happy val tuesdays have been so awsome, really enjoying finding various objects to superglue to my head, ask for pics if you wanna see. Opaline on fridays sometimes, so its been fun, gunna miss the nightlife a lot while i'm back in boston, oh well. i'm gunna spend a lot of time making/comming up with outfits for when i get back. I was really wanting to transfer about a month ago bc honestly, the school is kinda rediculous, but the fam/i had an idea that i would try out psychology as a concentration and see how that goes, i could really see myself getting into it and getting an internship and stayin at lang. Next semester i got an overtally and am gunna take abnormal psychology, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also taking first yr wiriting-inventing the human, visual cultural analysis and the obsessive self. So yeah, sounds like it's gunna be a good second semester. And i have more than enough credits, so i can always drop a course if it's looking pretty shitty. So yeah, exciiiitingggg!! I cant wait to get home, i should be there around 7.30ish, and then i'm taking ben out to din, then soph's gunna come over! yayyy! i'm so excited!! i honestly dont know what to say, other than its sad to leave the city, but i'm so looking foreward to putting all four of my enormous bags down and relaxing with some privacy, wooo. well, if i think of something else to say, i'll add it later, but i'm gunna go play around wtih some other stuff, byeee!
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ask if you could borrow a dolla? [21 Oct 2005|10:23pm]
sittin here waiting for el and arr and ryan to get back from eating choco cake a friendhouse and call me, so i figured i'd update. How redic is it that the last time i posted i was sick, and now i'm sick again! fucking cold, sucks a lot. things have been blase lately, classes are eh (except for vis prob solv, we're starting an awsome box construction assignment now, so i'm content), went out last mon to happy val, craziness yet again! it was andre (booboo)'s bday, and kennykenny bought a nice big bottle, so that was redic, el and i ended up in a huge pile a of trash bags (literally) at like, 4am, hahaha very crazy night, amanda was there looking prob the best i've seen her since i've been in nyc. cazwell preformed too, which was fun :) lets see...i'm skipping out on opaline again bc i'm sick, no fun, but i really cant get sicker bc i have 3 5pg midterm papers due next week, i hafta get up earlyish tomorrow to finish the body paper before my appt at the writing center, uhg. tonight will prob just be movies and relaxing and a relatively early night, at least compared to last night, when we got back from sam's dorm at like, 3.30ish. uhg! it was great to see sam though, love her. Thinking about halloween costumes lately, as it is like, a week from monday...i'm thinking anna nicole, hahaha!! i want someone to go as shelly though, that would be awsome! who knows, i think i may go to motherfucker on halloween, havent really heard about anything else going on. We'll see i guess. I'm calling natalie roy right now, hold on...leaving a message. anyway...i'm gunna go run to zach's room (p.s. its his bday tomorrow! 18 woah there!!) and steal his airborne, byeee
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i'm goinnn hommmeeee [11 Oct 2005|12:38pm]
craziness!!! crrrazzzyyyy!!! had an insane time at happy val last night, magazine fashion spread offers, website photos, lots of dancing, music was unbelievable!! kenny kenny declared his love to me, which is always flattering, haha. i was supposed to see amanda tonight, i just got off the phone with her and she's in LA about to go on the tyra show (!!!!) so i said i'd call next week, oh well. In other news, i'm going home tomorrow! woah there! so so so excited to see the fam!!! it'll be so nice to just relax and spend time with everyone. I'm also going to see soph on friday night, which is also super exciting! weee!! I was sick this past weekend, which was shitty, but i def caught up on my sex and the city and just slept and slept and slept and now i'm feeling much better. Look how hot amanda looked at opaline on fri (w/ coco's friend jess) when i was home in my pj's eating matzah ball soup

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yeah, i missed out big time, oh well. Uhg, i'm having some yummy potato soup now, then i'm getting into bed and napping for like an hour, then going to the gym with aar, so that'll be nice. Then its just homework tonight, and packing for going home tomorrow bc i leave at 1.15, like right after first yr writing. So anyway, i'm gunna go finish this soup and get into bed, but i'm sure i'll update once i'm at home. Nitey nite!
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glorrrious! [04 Oct 2005|06:27pm]
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:sachechante
Your haiku:finishing her top
and i went to embassy
the glamorous life
Created by Grahame


today aaron and i went to central park and walked around in the beautiful sunshine. it was a great afternoon! we decided we're gunna have a picnic on sunday with everyone! how much fun!! i now have 45 min to do a paper for first yr writing, then its off to chelsea! woo woo!! update later hopefully!

p.s. happy new year, jews!
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observe, anal(yze), critique [02 Oct 2005|02:15pm]
i really should start my homework, but zach is standing over me right now telling me a story about someone popping blackheads, but i'm not listening.... anyway...last night was fun, consisted of sam's acapella concert, so fucking awsome, loved loved loved it!! she was so so good, most energy on stage by far! their encore was 'what a man' by salt n peppa, go sam! love her!! afterwards we went back to her dorm and hung out for a bit, so that was fun, we met a ton of people who just came in and sat and chatted. they were going to the afterparty in the bk, and i wasnt so down with a subway ride all the way there in the wee hours of the morn, so i skipped out and went back to the dorm to meet aar and vinny. we took a while to get ready, and went off to misshapes, a very crowded, very rediculous scenester-heavy bar, music was ohhkay, not wonderful, but we saw sophia lamar, which was wonderful, she gave me a drink ticket, love her! she looked gorgeous as always. After a little bit, we left as they were playing dee lite (so sad, i know) and i pretty much just got into bed and went to sleep. pretty low key weekend... today i went to coffee with aar (natch) and now that i'm back, i have a buncha reading, and i wanna go to the gym before i have dinner with norma and marissa at some small italian place, prob bc i'm gunna have pasta, hahaha, gotta work off the carbs!! ok, i'm gunna go and do this reading, like two 10pg readings, blehhh byeee

edit: 11:09pm
so i had dinner with norma and marissa, it was so good!! i totally ruined the 650 cals i burnt on the elyptical with the delish pasta i had for din, oh well. Rosario dawson was being filmed accross the street from the restaurant, very fun! anyway, i think i may go take a walk with aaron and alex, byee
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really fast-ish [28 Sep 2005|05:26pm]
i'm running off to class (the body discussion) in like, 13 min, so i can only do a quick update- things have been fun lately, nothing super duper exciting, except i saw amanda last fri at opaline, she gave me her number, told me to call in two weeks to make some plans, so that's always fun to look forward to!! Been working out a lot...hmm.... i saw topher (sp? tophor?) grace from that 70's show/etc in a cab two days ago, hehe! classes are really good, very interesting, not insanely overwhelming either. I'm comming home for a bit soon, either this weekend for RH or in a few weeks for YK, yay jewish holidays!! Soph may be comming to the city this weekend tho, so if she's here, i'll come home for YK not RH. So yeah. Also! aaron gave me this awsome program called ourtunes which lets me download people's shared music in out building, so so so nice, i love love it!! i have so much good new music now!! i'm trying to think what else is going on....i've been blowing through money, and i keep overdrafting on my god damn debit! uhhhhg!!! so obnoxious!! IHI is going okay, i hafta call and talk about getting a new person, kari's not really working out for me right now, hmmm...what else what else....the weather in GLORIOUS here! it's def cooled down and it's soooo beautiful, i think today was the nicest so far, i love it so much! i need to shop for sweaters and stuff! maybe this weekend if soph comes, we should go to the BK and go shopping there! and screamin mimi's!! I guess boy george is playing this friday (can anyone confirm this??) and neil is going, so i may just see him! that's always fun!! okay, well, i have like, 5 min to get my shit together and get ready to go to class, then it's rocketwraps and top model with gigi!! woooo! pumped! hope everyone is doing very very well!! byee
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just a quickie [19 Sep 2005|12:57am]
time to get into bed and get a (semi) early night (not much sleep last night, uhg) so today was nice, gym (rachel, aka debbie downer from snl was elyptisizing next to me) then foood then homework alll afternoon. Fun fun. It was a very low key weekend, def missed out at marquee (sp?) for the heatherette afterparty...mike/doug partied with tara reid and nicole richie and richie and taver etc etc but they said hi to amanda for me, so i was happy. Hahaha. this week's gunna be busy papers and lots of reading and stuff, woooo!! tomorrow is this party called happy valley, kenny kenny invited me, so hopefully my email went through and i'll be on the list :D if not, i would hafta shell out 20 to get in, booo! there's an article about the party in the sunday styles though, it looks like its gunna be a lot of fun. I'm gunna shop for an outfit (yeah salv. army!!!) and try and get work done tomorrow in time for the party, then stay until like, 12.30 or something bc i have class at 10 on tues. Uhg, at least i'll make an appearance. There was some drama about moving out into zach's room, but i've decided to stay here with t-bone, mr. tony and work around the fact that we work so so differently. So yeah!!! i'm gunna go look at zach's new proj. then get into bed and try to sleeep, busy busy day tomorrow, 3 classes!!

before i go, look at this pic i stole from aaron's site of el and i a week or so ago at our fav caliente!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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much procrastination this weekend, but... [18 Sep 2005|05:19pm]
today's raine's 21st bday! happy bday! miss you!

with that said, i need to get back to my work
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Waiting for zach [12 Sep 2005|06:29pm]
havent seen him in a few days...at least not for longer than like, 3 min, so he's comming over to make rice/shrimp and read with me... in the mean time, i figured i would give an update on what's going on since the last one....

school is going well, i've had all my classes and stuff, and i like them all except drawing the line, which consisted of us running around,g etting covered in vine charcoal and acrylic paint and drawing/painting on the walls, woah there! it was 3.5 hrs, and i just cant handle it, esp 3-6.40pm on fridays, noooo wayyy jose!!! speaking of jose, we went to opaline this past fri, i met dan, gia's friend for betterburger (well, a mango smoothie for me) and then we met vinny and alex and lucas and co at the club, where we again saw ms. lepore, who gave me a drink ticket, loved the cosmo on amanda, hey thanks!! and speaking of amanda...remember these jessica rabbit pix? http://www.livejournal.com/users/sachechante/49315.html
well here's one of the final pictures, she looks incred.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

so yeah. Today i had "the body" class, the first one, it was AWSOME very intense though, its like, a real college lecture, like 50 ppl and a slide show, but we watched the twilight zone about plastic surgery, it was very very good. I'm having a lot of fun here. Working hard, but having fun. I have a ton of work tonight, so i think i may go (zach came in, then left, i hafta hunt him down and get the cooking underway, oh here he is!!) ok, i'm gunna go, i'll update later/whenever i can! byeeee

oh! p.s. the oc was amaizing!!! love love love cant wait for thurs!!

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coconut milk, baybee [05 Sep 2005|07:44pm]
what an eventful weekend! friday night was opaline, where i finally met ms. lepore, who was unbelievable flawless, and even more sweet and enjoyable to be with. We sat and had a looongg convo, ask if you want some pictures. I mentioned jose and i had chatted about going out for drinks (the 3 of us) and she agreed and said i should meet her at her house sometime and we could all go to XL together! how fun!! she told me she would see me at motherfucker (last night- which was redic. crowded and hot) but we left relitiv. early bc it wasnt too much fun...the music was good- new order and such at the beg, some back like, rock and roll later on, i was bored, oh well. Didnt see amanda, but i'm talking to jose about making plans. what else.... last thurs. mike and i went to kidrobot, sucha cute toy store in soho where they were launching the limited endit. heatherette toys! we got free vodka cranberrys and then met richie and traver and aimee, who were so sweet... richie invited us to the fashonweek afterparty, so i'm also getting in contact with her for more details. On another note, charles works for this asshole stylist, and has class all day on fridays, so he asked jordan and i to be dressers for teri gordon for fashion week next friday! ahhhh! so exciting! okay! well i'm gunna go, i'm talking to ben online and wanna pay attention to him, as opposed to lj, plus zach is like, throwing paper towels all over my bedroom, uhhhg! byeee!
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whew! [01 Sep 2005|05:35pm]
so i've been in nyc for a full week now, and i'm loving it! the adjustment has been so so quick, making me feel wonderful about living here! money has been going like woah though, so i'm pumped for classes (tues) when i will be too busy to go out every night and spend rediculous amounts of money of food/drinks. I've seen two celebrities so far- lynn yaeger and i got coffee in front of julia stiles this morn, fun funn! i dont realy know what else to say....my roommates are fun, we all get along very nicely, which is great. Still havent seen amanda, but she's supposed to be at opaline tommorrow night, so that'll be fun! i'm also going to the heatherette happy hour tonight, i hear its like an art opening or something, so that should also be fun! we'll see i guess. i dont realy have too much time to update this too often, so i'll try, but no promises. If you def wanna get in touch with me, email me at my school address- green016@newschool.edu, or send your fanmail/gifts to

Nick Green
135 East 12th street
box 140
new york, new york 10003

i'm gunna go shower now though, so i'll try and update when i can. Hope all is well with everyone!

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goodbye M.A.... [25 Aug 2005|01:13am]
so i'm off to nyc tomorrow morn, gotta get up at 7!! of course i'm just starting to get readyish for bed...i still have to chemically burn off all the hair on my body, haha, horray for nair!!! you better believe i'm gunna break out the short shorts!! i said bye to liz and bennet and soph tonight, v sad, but of course we had some deelish icecream to soothe our worries. Coldstone was SO GOOD, i had this insane chocolate thing, with choco chips and brownie!! ahhh! i'm such a mentral case, haha. Anyway, i need to go nair it up, and should get some sleep, only to be woken up by my new alarm clock! weee! i'm so excited to meet tony and justin tomorrow! woahhhh! i'm gunna get to it now, but feel free to call my cell/email me/write me letters (i'll post my address when i get it)/im me/etc, keep in touch muffins!!! goooodbyeee massachusetttsss!!! weeee!!!
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my heart takes a leap and skips a beat! [18 Aug 2005|12:17am]
dior haute couture for fall 05...if you scroll through you can go to the fall 05 ready to wear show, which has the coat i want for this winter...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
gorgeous, huh? someone buy it for me! or one that looks like that!

anyway, work was okay tonight, kacendre left early bc she didnt feel good, which is sad, i'm gunna miss her so much! oh ms. black beauty international!!

i need to shop very soon! i'm going on fri to do a buncha stuff, i should prob finish my bag asap so i can work on the other projects i wanna do before school...as i only have one week!! ahhh!!!!

i need to call charlie, i didnt today, but i guess he moved in, i'm sad i didnt get to see him and say bye :-/

uhg, i'm gunna go wash up and go to bed, i'm tired.
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hmm hmm hmmm [16 Aug 2005|11:37pm]
‘Does Amanda really bleed?’ ” says Heatherette designer Richie Rich, a witness to the mayhem. “They thought, like, you know, Shiseido’s going to come out of her pores instead of real blood.”

on an unrelated note, i said bye to sar tonight, very sad, i'm sure we'll keep in touch though, we've been talking about writing each other fun letters/postcards, hehe!

a week and a day(ish) left until i leave! woah there!!! realy starting to freak me out! i started the readings i hafta do for lang today, realy interesting, not gunna be as difficult as i expected

anyway, i may do some sewing tonight, maybe not, who knows. I have quite a bit of shopping to do though, so i've gotta get that done soon! tomorrow is the first day of my last week of work! I'm bringing my cam to take pictures with everyone! aww! i'm gunna miss them!

k, i'm gunna go, bye bye
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siiigh [14 Aug 2005|11:56pm]
i was so gunna work on my tote tonight, but i think i've changed my mind, i'm exausted, i think i may just wash up and get into bedcouch (i honestly have not slept in my own bed in so so long!) and read. Tomorrow is going to be a productive day, i'm gunna clean/organize the boxes littering my room-containing my room/apt, maybe sew, go to the gym, maybe even start reading the packet i hafta read for lang-a-lang. who knows! a lot has happened since i last updated.....i dont realy know, i kinda dont feel like getting into it. I leave for school a week from this upcomming thursday! woah there!! ok, i'm literally done with updating for now, i dont realy feel like aimlessly typing right now, oh well. Nite nite
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wowzah [02 Aug 2005|12:10am]
miss amanda dressed as miss jessica rabbit

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i realy dont know how i feel about the lips being drawn on so small...but she looks amaizing anyway
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maybe a day trip? [01 Aug 2005|08:34pm]
anyone wanna go?
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