Couture? For Sure! (sachechante) wrote,
Couture? For Sure!

back to nyc

well! its been about 3 weeks, and i'm now comming back to the city, im about an hour into the trip, 3 more to go and they're showing 'war of the worlds' which is so scary, so i'm kinda not watching, like typing and listening to fannypack and glancing at the screen seeing like, bodies floating down a river, then soldiers and stuff, which is just making me nerv cuz its fri the 13th and the sky just randomly got so dark, ehhhhh....anyway, being home was great, puerto rico was gorgeous (as were the puerto rican men) we pretty much just slept a lot an laid on the beach and relaxed, it was great. i had about two weeks at home, which consisted of like, not changing out of my pj's and just sitting on the couch watching sex and the city and reruns of next, hahaha i literally got nothing done that i wanted to or said i would, essentially putting together many outfits to have for when i got back, i bought a hot pink onsie though, but i hafta alter it (gotta find a sewing machine) and aunt jeri bought be this faaabulous white malibu feather pin which i'm sure will get a ton of wear, so thats great (uhg! this movie is so upsetting! i hate these kinds of movies so much, just so unnessesary, uhg) so anyway, i'm psyched that i have about a week before classes start, gunna do a lot of rearranging of the room and cleaning and decorating, but you better believe i'm running out to opaline tonight, i've missed partying so so much! i went to such an intense preppy straight house party while i was home, friends of charlie dep's and i was so surprised that i got along well with all the hot straight boys, how fun! i dunno, pumped for this semester to start, gunna look into an internship and/or a job that would prob carry into the summer, we're talking about maybe staying with seth and sara (oh the aliens are taking people up from the water now, ahhh!) and staying in the city for the summer, but i wonder if there's gunna be anyone there (friendwise) to chill with, hmm, need to look into that. Also there's the talk about spring break, i think ell and aaron and co, we're all gunna go somewhere together, and el wants to go somewhere warm, which i sure aar will want too, but i got an email froms tudentuniverse talking about a round trip flight to amsterdam for 250, which i so wanna take advantage of, but i guess el's going to amsterdam over the summer, bleh, oh well, we'll see i guess. i'm trying to think what else is up, that happened in the past few weeks, nothing that i can really think of, hmm, well i'm hoenstly gunna try and update more, we'll see how well that goes, but i'll seriously try! i think i'm gunna watch satc now, try and stop paying attention this horrible movie! byeee
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