Couture? For Sure! (sachechante) wrote,
Couture? For Sure!

long overdue

helloooo all! i've been meaning to update for awhile now, i've just been so busy/preoccupied/lazy with nyc that i havent really had the opportunity/motivation to update this thing. At this very moment i'm on the limoliner in bumper to bumper traffic passing the trump towers next to central park leaving to go home for a month after finishing my first semester of college! It def was an interesting semester. classes were okay, i took visual problem solving (the teacher was a total whore and i hated her, but the actual artwork we were assigned was good, except the fact that the teacher didnt love my stuff bc i would always try and twist the assignment to fit what i wanted to make, oh well. I also took shape of the city, which was a first yr writing course, actually pretty interesting- all about the history of and living in a large metropolis, pretty cool and my papers were pretty good. I also had the body: aesthetics culture and politics, which was awsome, i really liked that and the teacher(s) were so fucking cool. So those were my classes, i think i did well in them, so i'm satisfied. I got acquainted with people very quickly, and they were great. Its gunna be weird going home for a month (i'm going to puerto rico with the fam for 6 days on sat though, so that'll be great, gunna fake tan like nobody's business so it looks like i got a lot of sun, yesss) i've been talking to ms. amanda quite a bit, but i've had to cancel our plans twice in a row this past week bc i've been tired/sick/busy so oh well, we'll chill when i get back.
Happy val tuesdays have been so awsome, really enjoying finding various objects to superglue to my head, ask for pics if you wanna see. Opaline on fridays sometimes, so its been fun, gunna miss the nightlife a lot while i'm back in boston, oh well. i'm gunna spend a lot of time making/comming up with outfits for when i get back. I was really wanting to transfer about a month ago bc honestly, the school is kinda rediculous, but the fam/i had an idea that i would try out psychology as a concentration and see how that goes, i could really see myself getting into it and getting an internship and stayin at lang. Next semester i got an overtally and am gunna take abnormal psychology, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also taking first yr wiriting-inventing the human, visual cultural analysis and the obsessive self. So yeah, sounds like it's gunna be a good second semester. And i have more than enough credits, so i can always drop a course if it's looking pretty shitty. So yeah, exciiiitingggg!! I cant wait to get home, i should be there around 7.30ish, and then i'm taking ben out to din, then soph's gunna come over! yayyy! i'm so excited!! i honestly dont know what to say, other than its sad to leave the city, but i'm so looking foreward to putting all four of my enormous bags down and relaxing with some privacy, wooo. well, if i think of something else to say, i'll add it later, but i'm gunna go play around wtih some other stuff, byeee!
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