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Couture? For Sure!

i'm goinnn hommmeeee

craziness!!! crrrazzzyyyy!!! had an insane time at happy val last night, magazine fashion spread offers, website photos, lots of dancing, music was unbelievable!! kenny kenny declared his love to me, which is always flattering, haha. i was supposed to see amanda tonight, i just got off the phone with her and she's in LA about to go on the tyra show (!!!!) so i said i'd call next week, oh well. In other news, i'm going home tomorrow! woah there! so so so excited to see the fam!!! it'll be so nice to just relax and spend time with everyone. I'm also going to see soph on friday night, which is also super exciting! weee!! I was sick this past weekend, which was shitty, but i def caught up on my sex and the city and just slept and slept and slept and now i'm feeling much better. Look how hot amanda looked at opaline on fri (w/ coco's friend jess) when i was home in my pj's eating matzah ball soup

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yeah, i missed out big time, oh well. Uhg, i'm having some yummy potato soup now, then i'm getting into bed and napping for like an hour, then going to the gym with aar, so that'll be nice. Then its just homework tonight, and packing for going home tomorrow bc i leave at 1.15, like right after first yr writing. So anyway, i'm gunna go finish this soup and get into bed, but i'm sure i'll update once i'm at home. Nitey nite!
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