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i really should start my homework, but zach is standing over me right now telling me a story about someone popping blackheads, but i'm not listening.... anyway...last night was fun, consisted of sam's acapella concert, so fucking awsome, loved loved loved it!! she was so so good, most energy on stage by far! their encore was 'what a man' by salt n peppa, go sam! love her!! afterwards we went back to her dorm and hung out for a bit, so that was fun, we met a ton of people who just came in and sat and chatted. they were going to the afterparty in the bk, and i wasnt so down with a subway ride all the way there in the wee hours of the morn, so i skipped out and went back to the dorm to meet aar and vinny. we took a while to get ready, and went off to misshapes, a very crowded, very rediculous scenester-heavy bar, music was ohhkay, not wonderful, but we saw sophia lamar, which was wonderful, she gave me a drink ticket, love her! she looked gorgeous as always. After a little bit, we left as they were playing dee lite (so sad, i know) and i pretty much just got into bed and went to sleep. pretty low key weekend... today i went to coffee with aar (natch) and now that i'm back, i have a buncha reading, and i wanna go to the gym before i have dinner with norma and marissa at some small italian place, prob bc i'm gunna have pasta, hahaha, gotta work off the carbs!! ok, i'm gunna go and do this reading, like two 10pg readings, blehhh byeee

edit: 11:09pm
so i had dinner with norma and marissa, it was so good!! i totally ruined the 650 cals i burnt on the elyptical with the delish pasta i had for din, oh well. Rosario dawson was being filmed accross the street from the restaurant, very fun! anyway, i think i may go take a walk with aaron and alex, byee
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