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just a quickie

time to get into bed and get a (semi) early night (not much sleep last night, uhg) so today was nice, gym (rachel, aka debbie downer from snl was elyptisizing next to me) then foood then homework alll afternoon. Fun fun. It was a very low key weekend, def missed out at marquee (sp?) for the heatherette afterparty...mike/doug partied with tara reid and nicole richie and richie and taver etc etc but they said hi to amanda for me, so i was happy. Hahaha. this week's gunna be busy papers and lots of reading and stuff, woooo!! tomorrow is this party called happy valley, kenny kenny invited me, so hopefully my email went through and i'll be on the list :D if not, i would hafta shell out 20 to get in, booo! there's an article about the party in the sunday styles though, it looks like its gunna be a lot of fun. I'm gunna shop for an outfit (yeah salv. army!!!) and try and get work done tomorrow in time for the party, then stay until like, 12.30 or something bc i have class at 10 on tues. Uhg, at least i'll make an appearance. There was some drama about moving out into zach's room, but i've decided to stay here with t-bone, mr. tony and work around the fact that we work so so differently. So yeah!!! i'm gunna go look at zach's new proj. then get into bed and try to sleeep, busy busy day tomorrow, 3 classes!!

before i go, look at this pic i stole from aaron's site of el and i a week or so ago at our fav caliente!!!
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