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Waiting for zach

havent seen him in a few least not for longer than like, 3 min, so he's comming over to make rice/shrimp and read with me... in the mean time, i figured i would give an update on what's going on since the last one....

school is going well, i've had all my classes and stuff, and i like them all except drawing the line, which consisted of us running around,g etting covered in vine charcoal and acrylic paint and drawing/painting on the walls, woah there! it was 3.5 hrs, and i just cant handle it, esp 3-6.40pm on fridays, noooo wayyy jose!!! speaking of jose, we went to opaline this past fri, i met dan, gia's friend for betterburger (well, a mango smoothie for me) and then we met vinny and alex and lucas and co at the club, where we again saw ms. lepore, who gave me a drink ticket, loved the cosmo on amanda, hey thanks!! and speaking of amanda...remember these jessica rabbit pix?
well here's one of the final pictures, she looks incred.
Image hosted by

so yeah. Today i had "the body" class, the first one, it was AWSOME very intense though, its like, a real college lecture, like 50 ppl and a slide show, but we watched the twilight zone about plastic surgery, it was very very good. I'm having a lot of fun here. Working hard, but having fun. I have a ton of work tonight, so i think i may go (zach came in, then left, i hafta hunt him down and get the cooking underway, oh here he is!!) ok, i'm gunna go, i'll update later/whenever i can! byeeee

oh! p.s. the oc was amaizing!!! love love love cant wait for thurs!!

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