Couture? For Sure! (sachechante) wrote,
Couture? For Sure!

coconut milk, baybee

what an eventful weekend! friday night was opaline, where i finally met ms. lepore, who was unbelievable flawless, and even more sweet and enjoyable to be with. We sat and had a looongg convo, ask if you want some pictures. I mentioned jose and i had chatted about going out for drinks (the 3 of us) and she agreed and said i should meet her at her house sometime and we could all go to XL together! how fun!! she told me she would see me at motherfucker (last night- which was redic. crowded and hot) but we left relitiv. early bc it wasnt too much fun...the music was good- new order and such at the beg, some back like, rock and roll later on, i was bored, oh well. Didnt see amanda, but i'm talking to jose about making plans. what else.... last thurs. mike and i went to kidrobot, sucha cute toy store in soho where they were launching the limited endit. heatherette toys! we got free vodka cranberrys and then met richie and traver and aimee, who were so sweet... richie invited us to the fashonweek afterparty, so i'm also getting in contact with her for more details. On another note, charles works for this asshole stylist, and has class all day on fridays, so he asked jordan and i to be dressers for teri gordon for fashion week next friday! ahhhh! so exciting! okay! well i'm gunna go, i'm talking to ben online and wanna pay attention to him, as opposed to lj, plus zach is like, throwing paper towels all over my bedroom, uhhhg! byeee!
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