Couture? For Sure! (sachechante) wrote,
Couture? For Sure!

my heart takes a leap and skips a beat!
dior haute couture for fall 05...if you scroll through you can go to the fall 05 ready to wear show, which has the coat i want for this winter...

Image hosted by
gorgeous, huh? someone buy it for me! or one that looks like that!

anyway, work was okay tonight, kacendre left early bc she didnt feel good, which is sad, i'm gunna miss her so much! oh ms. black beauty international!!

i need to shop very soon! i'm going on fri to do a buncha stuff, i should prob finish my bag asap so i can work on the other projects i wanna do before i only have one week!! ahhh!!!!

i need to call charlie, i didnt today, but i guess he moved in, i'm sad i didnt get to see him and say bye :-/

uhg, i'm gunna go wash up and go to bed, i'm tired.
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