Couture? For Sure! (sachechante) wrote,
Couture? For Sure!

hmm hmm hmmm

‘Does Amanda really bleed?’ ” says Heatherette designer Richie Rich, a witness to the mayhem. “They thought, like, you know, Shiseido’s going to come out of her pores instead of real blood.”

on an unrelated note, i said bye to sar tonight, very sad, i'm sure we'll keep in touch though, we've been talking about writing each other fun letters/postcards, hehe!

a week and a day(ish) left until i leave! woah there!!! realy starting to freak me out! i started the readings i hafta do for lang today, realy interesting, not gunna be as difficult as i expected

anyway, i may do some sewing tonight, maybe not, who knows. I have quite a bit of shopping to do though, so i've gotta get that done soon! tomorrow is the first day of my last week of work! I'm bringing my cam to take pictures with everyone! aww! i'm gunna miss them!

k, i'm gunna go, bye bye
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